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Ciao Churu Ranking !

I bet most of the cat lovers out there knows this Japanese snack brand for cats!


The Ciao Churu is one of the most best selling cat snacks in Japan, it is famous for the manufacturing and sales company of “dried skipjacks” made from skipjack that were caught in the seas close to Japan. “CIAO” as a premium brand of domestically-produced cat foods. The Inaba Petfood Company doesn’t only sell cat snacks but also sells premium wet cat foods for all aged cats.

Todays ranking will all be about the Ciao Churu cat snacks!

Maguro Tuna Treat 

One of the best selling and highest ranking cat snack from the “CIAO” brand. Every cats love it for its strong tuna scent ! It comes in a watery liquid form which is very easy for any aged cats to eat.

Chicken Fillet Jelly 

CIAO-Churu-Cat-Lick-Snacks-Flavor-Chicken-Breast-_1.jpgThe chicken fillet jelly is very similar with the maguru tuna treat, it just comes in a different taste and form, the tuna treat comes in a watery form but the chicken fillet comes in a jelly like form. So if your cat got bored of the tuna snack, give this a try!

Yaki Chicken Crab Fillet 

The chicken crab fillet is a harder snack compared to the ones in front. It is hard therefore its harder for kittens to eat and its less watery so they will get less interested. The scent is also less strong compared to the stick liquid snacks.

Ciao Stick

The Ciao Stick comes in tuna flavor , it is the hardest snack compared to all. My cat is currently 1 years old and it is hard for him to chew the stick. The scent of the stick is very different from the others, it smells like meat rather then fish. I would not recommend this snack for young cats.